Letter from Head of School

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Being the new Head of School at AJA, it was daunting to learn that reaccreditation time was upon us.  My first week, Jeni and I attended a training session to learn more about the process led by the accreditation company AdvancED, formerly known as SACS.  AdvancED is “the world’s largest accrediting and school improvement organization.   Their Standards and Accreditation Process help schools continuously improve through a clear and systematic program of evaluation and external review.”  The review is based on seven standards:  Vision and Purpose, Governance and Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Documenting and Using Results, Resources and Support Systems, Stakeholder Communication and Relationships, and Commitment to Continuous Improvement.

The process is an intensive yet valuable one as we gathered information from faculty, staff, and parents to reflect on AJA’s strengths as well as areas for growth.  This feedback resulted in an Executive Summary and a Self-Assessment that completed the required documents in addition to an Action Vision that will guide the school as we move forward.

Our much anticipated AdvancED reaccreditation is taking place on Thursday, March 29th and Friday, March 30th.  The Quality Assurance Review Team will tour the facility including classroom visits.  Also the Team will interview teachers, students, and parents to learn more about AJA.  You are invited to attend the parent interview on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.  The Oral Exit Report will be given at 11:00 a.m. on the 30th for those interested.  Both will take place in the library.  AJA will receive a final report at a later date.  We will be sure to share those results with you.