Letter from the Head of School

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As I have mentioned in previous Maccabee communications, we are undergoing the AdvancED reaccreditation process which is soon coming to a close on March 29th and 30th. As part of the review, we created new mission and vision statements including six core values to guide us in every aspect of school life.

As I begin to espouse these statements and values before a final unveiling, there have been many moments these past couple of weeks where I have been reminded of the importance of integrity, one of AJA’s core values. Integrity is my moral compass with every school interaction and communication.

Traditionally, March is not an easy month with winter break far behind us and Passover week looming in the distance. Students become restless and the need for guidance comes to the forefront. In my Council class, as well as in many recent meetings with students, I realize that I have been unconsciously instilling the value of integrity. For example, creating awareness for students excluding a classmate or acting disrespectful towards a teacher or substitute. As our core values become known, it will be important to promote them all with intention.