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Recently I overhead a patron at a bookstore saying that they wished they could be a librarian because all they do is read books to children.  It struck me that on the one hand it is a great reason to be a librarian but it doesn’t begin to cover the job.  At AJA one of the joys of the position is having the opportunity to collaborate with the core teachers to enrich their units of study.  Some recent examples:

Kindergarten is learning nursery rhymes about the sun, moon and stars.

First Grade is beginning the study of different countries and is doing a whole class unit on Ireland.  Having visited that country I have loaned my (very thick) scrapbook to Ms Faris and will be visiting the class to discuss that country along with the one that I am currently teaching about when the children come to the library.  Over winter break I spent 5 incredible days in Iceland and have been sharing the natural wonders of the country, the language, and the folk lore.  We will be contrasting and comparing these “I”slands.

Second and Fourth Grades have recently used our resources from for their units on Presidents and Chemistry while in the library.

I have shared with Third Grade what I learned about the Icelandic Biome and the Arctic Fox.  They were fascinated with the fact that it truly is a land of “fire and ice”.

Fifth Grade is doing a literature unit on the newest genre of literature – graphic novels – they aren’t your grandparent’s comic books.  I have a collection of over 45 books for the students to choose from for individual reading.  Next time you’re in the public library go the the 741.5 section to literally check it out.

Happy reading to all!