Library News

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I need to start by saying a big thank you to our marvelous Parent Association for all their help during Book Fair.  Thanks to their hard work and your hard core shopping we raised enough to add $790 to each of our accounts.  I admit that I have already spent that much with my new order to Follett – order to soon arrive. Please remember that there are already books available ($18 each) for purchase for tributes to the library.  This month 3rd to 5th graders who have read at least 5 of the 20 Blue Bonnet nominated books will get to vote along with hundred of students across Texas to choose their favorite book.  Although I can cast a vote – it does not count since this is a child driven election. During the month of January I like to focus on the genre of Fantasy.  With little ones it is nursery rhymes, fairy tales and tall tales.  Our intermediate grades get to explore folklore, myths, and legends. Many years ago in Chicago there was a program on TV on Sunday morning called The Magic Door – it was 15 minutes of Jewish storytelling.  I see the library as a place for magic to occur as we explore the world of children’s literature.  It is a marvelous journey for all of us.