Magic number 99.5

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Beehive 4-24-15

99.5 is our magic number for the next three weeks. The Travis county extension services delivered two incubators and forty-eight chicken eggs to our classroom this week!! Corie Hundl taught us how to watch the thermometer through the window of our incubator to make sure the ideal hatching temperature of 99.5 stays constant. Hopefully, somewhere around May 14 we will have some baby chicks to observe, instead of just eggs. Next Tuesday Corie will return to show us how to candle an egg to try to see the developing chick inside. The children made predictions about how many would actually hatch; that number ranged from five to forty-eight! Abby asked an excellent question; “what are we going to do with the baby chicks?” Any takers??

We are keeping a chicken life cycle journal throughout this period of time with questions and observations recorded.

We had a wonderful field trip to Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill and Farm which was a great segue into our hatching experience.

Next week we will be taking a trip to Wyatt’s farm and the children will be able to compare their experience at Coyote Creek to this experience. They are particularly excited about riding a horse!

In Math we have been doing surveys. After creating their own survey, the children then used the data to create a graph showing their results. Some examples of their questions were ” Do you like farms?” and “Can you ride a bike?”

After reading three different versions of the Little Red Hen the children picked their favorite version, chose the character they wanted to be, made their own costumes and backdrop, and then put on a reader’s theater for the parents. This was a very independent project for them and they were highly engaged as they went through the steps from beginning to end. They were quite proud of themselves and I also heard many compliments throughout the day about how well each group did.

Our next big projects are to prepare for Portfolio Presentations on May 8, work on our Technology farm project, and prepare for our Author’s Tea. Right now we are in our Poetry unit for Writer’s Workshop and they have picked an object to write a free verse poem about.
By the end of next week they should be ready able to display a Poetry museum in the hall displaying their hard work.

Our Author’s Tea will be May 21 from 2:45-3:30 in the Library. I hope you will all be able to join us for that wonderful writing culminating event where the children will be sitting throughout the library and you will rotate around and listen to the children read their “published” books from the year.

Our last big celebration will be our Kindergarten “Graduation” the day before the last day of school, June 4 at 9:00 in the MPR upstairs. All parents and siblings are invited to that. The children will be putting on a short program, receiving a certificate, and having a special snack with everyone. I hope you will make every effort to be there.

Here are the Reader’s Theater casts:

IMG_1629            IMG_1623         IMG_1626