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With March 2 being the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, Kindergarten has been exploring the world of Dr. Seuss. A particular class favorite is The Lorax, which is a book that lends itself to learning about how we can help 0ur world. In the story, as I am sure most of you know, the Lorax, “speaks” for the trees that are being chopped down. The children thought of things for which they could speak. Some examples were, “I speak for nature so people don’t throw trash on the ground,” or “I speak for love so everyone can be nice,” and “I speak for the animals so people won’t poke them.” Marble painting a globe and wearing a hand print Lorax-like mustache, completed the bulletin board display. Check it out, if you have not had a chance. Rhyming, alliteration, and tongue twisters have been a fun extension of our Dr. Seuss unit. Reading Horton Hatches the Egg, will be the book that transitions us into our last major unit of the year which is Birds. .

In Writer’s Workshop the students have been drafting a “how to” book. They brainstormed ideas of things that they are good at and then thought of the steps that are needed. I challenged them to think as explicitly as possible. They are excited to have our Author’s Tea in May to showcase their writing this year. We will be writing poetry in the month of April and a non-fiction book in the month of May as culminating writing units.

We participated in a fun activity as part of our Purim celebration with our eighth grade buddies. This was an activity we did not have time to do in connection with our hundredth day of school festivities. Our buddies hid one hundred Hershey Kisses, with a number label attached to the bottom, all around their classroom. The children then looked for the kisses and found the corresponding number on the number charts.

Also in math, we have been working on story problems using addition and subtraction. To help with these operations, the children learned a game called the Growing and Disappearing Train, where, with a partner, they have to add or subtract from a cube train to be the first to get to zero cubes on their number line. We have been learning new games with attribute blocks, ten and double ten frames, number lines, 3D shapes, and dominoes.

In our science unit on forces and motion, we have been exploring movement all around the campus. They were challenged to make a “sculpture” that can move using only four different types of materials. They made a plan and then got to work creating. We have some interesting creations hanging around the room. As the concept of force as a push or a pull was explored, the children were challenged to see how many ways they could make a car, a marble, and a dreidel move using different materials like blocks, rubber bands, and string.

The highlight for the month of March was our field trip to Esoteric Farms, hosted by Kersten Levine. We had a fascinating tour of the farm where the children saw where the horses are kept, and then were able to brush the ponies before donning the helmets to ride them. We decided there was a lot of pulling going on at the farm- pulling gates closed, pulling brushes through the ponies’ hair, pulling the cinch on the saddle, pulling their bodies up to get in the saddle, and pulling on the reins. We didn’t think we would want to push a horse! Kersten did tell us that Eli cleans out stalls which involves a lot of pushing!


It is hard to believe that we are in the last two months of school! We will be exploring life cycles by hatching (or attempting to) chicken eggs and studying different types of birds. The children are well acquainted with the chickens at the coop outside the Science and Innovation Center, as we normally take a trip, after Friday recess, to observe and feed them.

Here are a few dates to remember as the end of the year approaches:

April 7          Last day before Passover Break

April 19        School resumes

April             Austin Nature Center field trip (waiting for a date confirmation)

April 26       Chicken eggs delivered to incubate in our classroom

May 5            Portfolio Day

May 17          Kindergarten Author’s Tea 2:30 in the Library

May 25         Kindergarten Graduation 1:30

May 26         Last day of school