March Madness!

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I am not sure what is going on, but by the end of Friday, I had only 12 students left at school, four of whom were hobbling on crutches or the ever cumbersome “boot.” (I promise you: I am innocent!) What ever it is that is plaguing our class, I can only hope that all of my students have a quick recovery, and we can resume a happy, healthy, crutch-free classroom in the near future.

The "boot" doesn't slow Eli Meyers down!
The “boot” doesn’t slow Eli Meyers down!










The kids are really enjoying the Olympics in P.E. Pictured here are Noah, Rafi, and Yotam executing their ice skating routine.










Purim Spirit week was awesome!

Love your hat Ruby!
Love your hat Ruby!











We were treated to beautiful weather on Science Day 2014. The students enjoyed helping their KG buddies plant seeds in a glove.

IMG_1234 IMG_1237 IMG_1239










Over the course of an afternoon, the students participated in a verma-composting activity, an environmental scavenger hunt, and an environmental waste art project.

Liora looks for evidence of man’s influence.
Ruby sketches a bug.


Nathan sketches a flower.
Nathan sketches a flower.










Yotam enjoys the sunshine.
Yotam enjoys the sunshine.













IMG_1260 IMG_1265 IMG_1262 IMG_1259 

Our latest engineering challenge, called “Puff Puff Mobiles,” asked the children to build a vehicle with 4 lifesavers, three straws, 4 paper clips, and a piece of paper. The students had to consider concepts such as wind energy and surface area, weight, drag, and friction. The vehicle to cross a distance of 8 feet in the fewest breaths was the winner!




This week students aged and burned their historical journals. In art they are presently painting a portrait of their explorer for the cover of the journal. The children are anxious to share the finished product with others.

Rafi is "agifying" his journal pages.
Rafi is “agifying” his journal pages.











The students in fourth grade are presently working on their final essay for the novel Blood on the River. In the five paragraph essay, writers will explore the personality characteristics of those who dare to sail across uncharted waters and explore unknown lands. Character analysis of this sort not only requires a thorough reading of the literary work with attention to what the author reveals about the character through dialog, narrative and plot, but also asks the reader to demonstrate a strong understanding of the historical context in which the characters lived.  From a fourth grade writing  perspective, mastering the five paragraph essay sets the stage for success in fifth grade writing and beyond.

We have moved on to a new non-fiction selection this week: For the Love of Texas: Tell Me About the Revolution! This engaging, interactive book challenges students to ask questions about the history they’re learning and the world in which they live.












This week students immersed themselves in the settlement of Texas in the 1820’s, specifically the empressario, Stephen F. Austin, and the old 300. After learning about the different facets of colonial life and the land grant system, the students are presently involved in creating their own colony. Pairs of students were tasked with developing a different aspect of the colony, including: economic activity, workforce, safety and security, stables and livestock, governorship, religious and social, choosing a location, weather considerations, and food and water. This type of project based learning requires the children to collaborate and think deeply about the needs, rights, and responsibilities of those who settled and the role of geography as a foundation for civilization, settlement , and culture.

A lively discussion took place on Friday as teams presented their plans, and then the building began!

Carly's dogtrot looks very realistic.
Carly is a master with the hot glue gun.
Josh stains the buildings.
Mira and Aiden work on the church.
Sebastian is using rocks to construct a well.
After making the rivers and hills, Aiden spray paints the base.
Eddie’s blacksmith shop is so realistic!























On Tuesday, students will take the Unit 7 test on fractions. Moving forward, students will expand their understanding of fractions by learning how to calculate decimals and percents.


  • Thursday, April 3rd the fourth grade class will travel to San Antonio to visit Mission San Jose, The Institute of Texan Cultures, the Alamo, and the Imax Theater where we will view The Alamo: The Price of Freedom. We will leave at 7:45 in the morning and return by 5pm.
  • The 4th grade class play: The Texas Revue, will take place on Tuesday, May 13th at 2:00 on the Community Hall stage. This is a “must see” event!
  • The Senior Pen Pal Ice Cream Social will take place on May 27 at 2:00 in the Community Hall.
  • The 4th Grade 5K for Camp Simcha will take place on Friday, May 30th at Zilker Park. After the run, the class will enjoy the day swimming at Zilker Park. We will leave directly after Kabbalat Shabbat at 8:30. If you can run and/or chaperone for this event, please let me know.