Marvelous March

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Upcoming Events:

April 5- Dress Up Day (costume, PJs, etc.)

April 10-18 Passover Break

April 25- Field Trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm

March has been a fun and busy month! Read below to find out what second grade has been up to, and what’s up next in April.

Second graders relax after a successful Presidential Presentation on March 1st!


In reading, students have focused a lot on reading for information. After reading several nonfiction books, students began practicing answering comprehension questions both orally and written. Students learned strategies such as rereading, using headings, noticing vocabulary words in bold or italics, and reading captions. Reading and writing were very closely integrated this month as we began our fairy tale unit. As a class, we read several fairy tales and folktales. We read, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, and much more! We also read several alternate versions of the originals. We discussed what made up the fairy tale genre and came up with ways to alter fairy tales. Students then chose a story that inspired them and altered it in their own way.  These stories are eventually being written into books that will be printed and hardbound by a publishing company. Second graders are excited to give this keepsake as a special gift to parents. I believe parents will be delighted when they see how much their child’s writing abilities have progressed. In reading, the second graders also practiced their fluency by having a part in a small skit. The children performed, The Three Little Pigs,  The Three Billy Goats Gruff,  and Goldilocks and the Three Bears for first grade (see pictures below).

 A few third graders came in as mystery readers in order to share their fairy tales from last year. They were very inspiring to the second graders!


In math, students learned to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and even thousand. Students were introduced to this concept by drawing number lines outside with chalk and playing a fun rounding game (see photos below). The concept was reinforced by playing a similar game inside using number strips and small toys. The class also learned to use rounded numbers in order to make an estimate using two and three-digit numbers. This was a great opportunity to review addition and subtraction with regrouping. Second graders also reviewed counting money before learning to make change in two ways. Students learned to subtract from a dollar and carry over the two zeros. They also learned the strategy of counting up to find change. Playing many games of store helped the class to gain confidence in this area. Currently, the class is doing a short unit on geometry. Students have been introduced to quadrilaterals such trapezoids, parallelograms, etc. They built many polygons out of toothpicks and clay. Next week, they will begin learning more about 3D figures such as cubes, pyramids, etc. Students will learn to identify the number of angles, sides, and vertices for each figure. After the Passover Break, we will begin division!

 Students have fun playing a rounding game in math!


In science, second grade began a new unit on life cycles. This unit was introduced by discussing the human life cycle. The class studied the life cycles of many animals, such as frogs, butterflies, spiders, and more! They learned about how some animals go through complete metamorphosis, which is when an animal goes through a “complete change of body.” The class had “pet” butterflies and ladybugs. The children watched as the butterflies went from eggs, to caterpillars, to pupas inside a chrysalis, and finally butterflies.  After observing the butterflies for a few days, they were released (see photo below). The ladybug life cycle was observed and they were released as well. The scientific method was reviewed by singing “The Scientific Method Song,” and conducting a few fun experiments. The scientific method and the life cycles unit will be continued through April.

Butterflies are free to fly!

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