Middle School Beginning of Year Trip

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The kids (and teachers) are having a blast at Nature’s Classroom Institute!

Last night, after a bedtime story with milk and cookies, the boys crashed. They even asked that the lights be turned off before lights out. The girls hung in for another 15 minutes serenading anyone who would listen. This morning, all the kids popped out of bed without much complaining, and we had a wonderful breakfast.

After a short break, the kids split into their three field groups and did low ropes cooperative group work. One group even had a chance to pick a watermelon after weeding the garden.

We then had chili dogs, corn on the cob, salad, and chips for lunch followed by a short break. The kids are now in their afternoon field groups: Paleo, Adaptation Auction, and Stewardship. We’ll have another short break after these groups and then three more fun activities: OutBreak, Afternoon at the Improv, and Green Builders.

Break, Dinner, Journal Time, and then we’ll meet as a whole group to learn about Ellis Island. Maybe we’ll even get some more milk and cookies before bed!


Check out the after dinner entertainment at: