Middle School Fieldtrip

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Yesterday, the middle school students took a trip to the beautiful West Cave Preserve, close to Hamilton Pool. It was a gorgeous day to spend outdoors, and that’s just what we did! The students hiked in a savannah habitat, observing species diversity, then compared the data collected to a riparian area along the creek. We’ve been exploring both taxonomy and evolution in science class, and the staff did a wonderful job of weaving in geology, diversity, and adaptation into these topics.

Highlights included exploring a cave behind a waterfall and listening to the sounds of water falling, going inside of a 25,000 year old cave, touching a “dead” stalagmite, seeing snakes, lizards, and butterflies, smelling a sweetgum leaf, seeing freshly blooming columbine flowers, and just enjoying the beauty of the majestic cypress trees and crystal clear stream. It was a special experience and a beautiful place to observe species diversity in native Texas habitats.

Westcase Preserve #4

Westcase Preserve #3

Westcase Preserve #2

Westcase Preserve #1