Moving on

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As the excitement built up for our Water Show, the children were experimenting with different water stations that might be appropriate for the preschool children to participate in. One of those was mixing corn starch with water to create the lovely solid/liquid mixture that is so enticing to explore.

After the exploration the children decided that this might not work so well with seventy two preschoolers because it made a pretty huge mess!

Then we tried out colored ice cube painting and they concluded that this one would work well for younger students.

Here are some snapshots of the Early Childhood classes participating in the  different stations we chose to set up: car washing, capacity, sailboat racing, snow, sound jars, sink or float.

The children worked very hard on the program that they presented to parents and preschoolers about the importance of water. After working for several weeks in technology Mrs. Rubin helped them create a video about water and ways we can conserve water.

In conjunction with Jewish Studies, the children participated in a Tzedakah project. The children were encouraged to earn twenty dollars by doing extra chores or good deeds. They painted a bear bank to keep their coins in and then brought the banks to school where we examined their coins with a magnifying lens and learned about pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters using songs written for children on youtube. After all the funds were collected, we took our field trip to Build-a-Bear where the children chose their bear and the clothing. Two days later the children were so excited to see the ambulance in the circle drive by the school. After taking pictures with the EMS personnel, having a quick tutorial about what these community helpers do and how the ambulance works, the children carefully placed their bears on the stretcher to send with the paramedics to give to children who may have to ride in an ambulance to the hospital and need some extra comfort. Not one child complained about giving the bears away!

We had some children who were brave enough to try on some of their equipment!

On the heels of completing our Water project and Tzedakah project came the 100th day of school. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s actually Zero the Hero who showed up to congratulate the children on their 100th day of school and to culminate the zero shaped surprises that had been showing up every ten days of school.

Later in the day, the Kindergarten buddies (2nd graders) came to help them find one hundred Hershey Kisses that were hidden around the room with numbers stuck to the bottom. They had to find a Kiss, identify the number, find the corresponding number on a grid, and then go look for another one. I am not  sure who was more excited the Kindergarten children or the second graders!


Finally at the end of our busy day we had wonderful parents to help us do some different stations like, building a structure from 100 Legos, predicting where 100 drops of water would come to on a jar, making a 100 dot art page, 100 day snack, and 100 physical activities.

With the school greenhouse being finished, we enthusiastically planted green beans, radishes, spinach, onions, and lettuce. The children enjoyed planting the seeds and now comes the test to take responsibility to make sure that they are watered every other day. They were excited to see the quick growth even after a few days.


As we began our new project with a focus on birds and how we can help our school environment to be more “bird friendly,” Travis County delivered 48 fertilized (we hope) eggs, two incubators, and materials to create a safe habitat for the baby chicks. The photo of the children carefully putting the eggs into the incubators at the beginning of the twenty one day vigil of incubation, shows how they have been little “broody hens.” They faithfully check every day to see if the temperature is close to the ideal 99.5 and to see if there is anything else to report. They have been keeping a hatching notebook to record different observations and predictions.

I hope to have lots of pictures of baby chicks for my next den blog!!