Mrs. Duncan's class "Poetry Museum"

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I hope all the parents will take a moment and visit our “Poetry Museum” in the hallway! We have been working on poetry for the last few weeks and the children have been trying to look at regular objects in a “fresh, new way”. Those three words have been our mantra of late as we try to think and see with a poet’s eyes. We learned that some simple language can be turned into poetry just by putting in unusual line breaks so that it brings attention to certain words.

This time instead of me “publishing” their work, the children did their own publishing by doing their best handwriting. Again, as with their published books, they read their “sound spelling” for their poems to me and we discussed where they wanted their line breaks to be and then I wrote down the correct spelling for them to copy.  As a result, not all the children will be able to read their poems fluently, but we are working on that; hopefully by the time I take the “museum” down, or by portfolio day, they will be more proficient.

I think we have some future poets here!!