Mrs. Glikman - Kinder Jewish Studies

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I hope all of you enjoyed our Shema Pillow Celebration.  The children loved that we did the prayers out of order. Thank you for chanting with us.  Just because the ceremony is behind us; does not mean that we will stop practicing Tefillah.  We hope to get a jump start on some of the first grade requirements.  The excitement has begun with our study of  Purim.  Stories, songs, and crafts are all components of our curriculum. One of our recent Torah discussions focused on using our talents as the Israelites did in building the Mishkan.  It was interesting to watch their faces as they changed from saying “I don’t have a talent” to “I’m good at doing that too.”  Yes, we even accepted eating lots of ice cream as a talent albeit not one to be over indulged.  Hag Purim Sameach.