Mrs. Glikman - Kindergarten Jewish Studies

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To enrich our weekly Torah study, we have acted out crossing the Sea of Reeds, planting a tree, and climbing Mount Sinai to received the Ten Commandments.  We continued to discuss doing a mitzvah and celebrated in our purchase and donation of a stuffed animal from Build A Bear which we gave to the EMS.  We developed a list of “commandments” for parents and giggled at the idea that we could tell parents what to do.  As an extension of learning the Shema, we are decorating our own mezuzah case.  We read The Shema in the Mezuzah to hear a folk story of how the mezuzah is to be placed on the door post.  After learning about the Israelite’s construction of a portable synagogue, (Mishkan), we each designed our own in the style of mosaic art using colored squares of paper and glittery foam squares.  Of course, we continue practicing our Kindergarten Tefillah and look forward to showing you what we have learned on March 10th.