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Where do I begin….I have an unending thirst for more books in the AJA library.  Blame it on my subscription to the Horn Book Magazine which reviews new releases, and the New York Times Sunday book section, and NPR, and Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and BookPeople and…..In other words, if you haven’t already bought one of our birthday book club books in celebration of your child’s birthday – it isn’t too late.  I still have a great selection from which to choose.

This month I have to pay homage to the great Beverly Cleary whose  100th birthday is April 12.  Her books are still classroom read aloud favorites ranging from our friendly rodent Ralph to the Ramona books as well as Strider and Dear Mr. Henshaw. She has sold over 91 million copies of her books worldwide.  She has turned countless numbers of children into readers, adventurers, thinkers, and even writers.  If you or your child hasn’t read one of her books lately, it’s not too late to pick one up and start reading.