TK and Kindergarten - Open Door Update

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In preparation for “Open Door” this week, we read the book The Little Red Hen and discussed that there are different kinds of farms.

Mrs. Feferman:  We discussed the growing cycle as seen in the movie in Hebrew class about matzah making:  seed-wheat-harvest-grind-flour-dough-bread.  We looked at grasses from our own playground that resembled wheat stocks (non-edible).  We also talked about how seeds grow at the end of the season, when we pick them for grinding.  We leave some for replanting and the birds.  Then we planted wheat seeds to grow wheat grass and will observe them grow.

Mrs. Duncan:  We ground wheat kernels into whole wheat flour and used some of that flour to make bread.   We discussed how yeast is a living organism and observed the chemical changes as it was dissolved in water.  We recorded our results on our science journal page and later in the day tasted our “Little Red Hen” bread!

Mrs. O’Keefe:  We watched a short video of a different version of the Little Red Hen and discussed the differences and similarities in characters and story line.  We made character puppets and acted the story out.