Ms. Slom, Art Fifth Grade

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As we complete our gala project we will be looking at American artist Frank Stella (1936-). Frank Stella’s paintings are meant to be objects themselves. He does not mean to portray any subject you would recognize and he doesn’t try to paint emotion onto canvas. He wants each painting to be a unique paint-on-canvas (or wood, or aluminum, etc.) object.
While looking at Frank Stella’s early paintings the students recognized that they are extremely orderly. They noticed straight or curved lines that repeat in patterns created using a protractor and a ruler. Stella began painting on strangely shaped canvases which were often better suited to his creations. Our students will be creating protractor paintings of their own inspired by Frank Stella.

We have all been working hard to complete our Gala Art project.

Many of our art projects are made with recycled items: The art room is in need of unused CD’s, empty plastic water bottles, soda cans, milk containers, corks and lids, cereal boxes and toilet/paper towel rolls. Please bring to the Art Room (Room 230).