Ms. Slom, Kindergarten Art

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The students will be doing a Judiac/Art integrated project of Tu Bishvat Trees- in the technique of Mono printing. After drawing around our hands onto the tables in the art room with white oil pastel, they will paint the shape of their hand in brown tempera paint quickly and place a piece of paper over it. Then rub the paper thoroughly to lift the paint onto the paper. Once this is dry the students will take Q-tips with yellow and blue paint, mixed together to create different shapes of green and dab to paint the leaves around the branches of our mono-prints.

Monet’s garden

We will read the book: A Blue Butterfly by Bijou Le Tord and looking at Claude Monet (1840-1926) as well as look at the painting Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899). We will fold a paper towel in four and paint it with dot art using liquid watercolors in bingo bottles. Once complete we will open the colored paper towel and let it dry. Once dry we cut out a bridge from construction paper and paste it onto our beautiful gardens just like Monet’s garden.

Van Gogh Sun Flowers-multi media

We will look at the Artist Vincent Van Gogh’s (1853-1890) painting of Tournesols- Sunflowers (1889) and start off by painting a table in the bottom half of our paper, and cutting out the vase in construction paper. Once dry we will glue the vase on to the table and start to draw our sunflowers. Then we will paint the sunflowers and add stems to the flowers heads placing then into the vase. Lastly, we decorated our vases.

We have all been working hard to complete our Gala Art project

Many of our art projects are made with recycled items: The art room is in need of unused CD’s, empty plastic water bottles, soda cans, milk containers, corks and lids, cereal boxes and toilet/paper towel rolls. Please bring to the Art Room (Room 230).