Music, Meredith Prukop

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We have had a great time in music class!  It has been wonderful getting to know the students personally and musically.  The students have established the difference between beat and rhythm. We have explored tempo and how it varies and/or changes.  We have begun to look at basic musical forms and our students have quickly grasped this concept. Through music and motion, Kinder is reinforcing skills such as counting, sequencing, and pattern recognition. Grades 1-5 routinely work on music theory, and can read a basic four beat rhythm pattern that includes whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and rests! In grades 4th and 5th we have started learning about historical composers.  J.S. Bach was our ‘spotlight’ composer. As a class, we listened to Toccata and Fugue in D minor and the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, and read important facts about Johann Sebastian Bach.  Our next great composer is Domenico Scarlatti, also from the Baroque period.  5th Grade had a fantastic Poetry Slam performance and have begun learning the Recorder, an instrument closely related to the flute, from the woodwind family. Students during the first trimester have regularly met or exceeded expectations. We had a short time to learn songs for the Chanukah assembly, but I was very proud at how quickly the children learned their parts. I cannot wait to continue our musical journey!