New Year News

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Happy New Year! The students returned this week well rested…and then came the flu! By Friday I was down to 5 eighth graders:(

Hopefully, the flu season will be short lived and we will all be happy and healthy before too long. To all of those families who are presently suffering, our hearts go out to you! You can be sure that at school we will promote good good health habits like covering your cough and washing your hands frequently.

*Extended absences can cause the school work to back up. Please remind your students to be proactive about missing work. He/she should contact me as soon as they are feeling well enough to find out about missed assignments. The middle school handbook states that a students has the same number of days that they were absent to make up the missing work.

Science Fair

Science Fair is rapidly approaching on January 21st.  All final reports have been turned in, graded, and returned to the student with suggested revisions. This week students will present their experiments to the class. (A rubric was sent home to help guide the students in preparing their presentations.) Please ask your child on which day he/she presents and help facilitate transportation of the science fair board.  *Students should have completed registration on the website:

*Without registration, students will be unable to participate ate the regional science fair.



The middle school students truly enjoy a chance to help their first grade buddies. This week we assisted the young scientists with a consumer lab investigating paper towel absorbency.

Shira and Abby help the little ones squeeze the paper towel.
Shira and Abby help the little ones squeeze the paper towel.
















Sarah gives advice on taking turns.
Sarah gives advice on taking turns.









Eighth Grade Science

Now that the eighth grade students have a solid foundation in the study of matter, we move onto the study of physics!

Physics is often described as the study of matter and energy. It is concerned with how matter and energy relate to each other, and how they affect each other over time and through space.

We began this week with three basic concepts: speed, velocity, and acceleration. As we examine the laws regarding motion and forces, the students will spend a lot of time in the lab working with toys, cars, ramps, pulleys, springs, and motion detectors.

Benji and Charlie examine speed using a wind up toy.
Benji and Charlie examine speed using a wind up toy.








Matan's wind up caterpillar is cruising!
Matan’s wind up caterpillar is cruising!










French fries that move?
French fries that move?









*Don’t miss the chemistry show, The Magic of Science, on January 21st at 8am. Eighth grade students will present chemistry demos to the younger grades to kick off our science fair.

Sixth Grade Earth Science

Middle school students are ready to exercise their inferential thinking, and the study of Earth history is made to order for this effort. They will begin to grapple with Earth’s processes and systems that have operated over geological time. In this unit the students will make observations and do investigations that involve constructing and using conceptual models. They will generate questions for investigation, which may even lead to new questions!


When facilities approached me and showed my a pile of discarded coolers from the Maccabee Games  held last year, I immediately thought of my engineering students! In the spirit of Shmita and our reuse theme, I gave them a challenge: design a piece of furniture from a discarded cooler. Plans have been made, coolers cleaned and painted, tomorrow comes the jigsaw!

Stay tuned for the results…

Sixth Grade Math

This week students moved on to Unit 5: Fraction Operations. The children are engaged adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, mixed numbers, and solving fractional equations.

Passion Project

With the pitch behind them, students met with their mentors this week to plan the remainder of the year. Throughout the next few months, the students will put their plans into action: learning, writing, filming, interviewing, event planning, drawing, photographing, building, interviewing, teaching, and growing!