News from the Art Cafe, 4th Grade

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Dear AJA Parents,

I am SO excited to have the opportunity to spend quality time exploring your children’s creative energy in Art at the Austin Jewish Academy and look forward to spending many precious hours with them.

Starting off the year we consider Marcel Duchamp (1887 –1968), one of the first artists to take “readymade objects” out of their natural environment and place it in an environment of the Gallery – thus creating an “art-piece”. One would ask: “Is this Art?” Well, that’s a discussion for another time.

In the meantime, your children are on the verge of exploration and discovery – Give them a chance to investigate the meaning of ”Art” by donating all your “trash/recyclables” to the Art Room Treasure Box found in Room 230 (The Art Room).

Please donate:

Magazines, newspapers, plastic bottles (all sizes), toilet and pare towels cardboard rolls, plastic containers (Small and large Yogurt/Dan Active), lids of jars/bottles, baby food jars, soda/beer bottle caps, wine bottle corks, soda can openers, puzzles (all sizes) pieces, washers, shaped pieces of wood, broken toy parts (party favors, doll parts), old keys, computer parts, brown paper shopping bags, small plastic containers (contact lens, pill box containers), old toothbrushes, dental floss, styrofoam trays, packaging peanuts, small cardboard boxes, small wooden boxes, shoes boxes, etc.


Glass jars or bottles as glass is not safe for the children.

If you are not sure that your budding artists can use particular items – please bring them anyway and I will recycle what we don’t use.

Please bring all recyclables to the Art room #230.

Thank you so much,

Ms. Slom

(Susan Slomowitz, AJA Art Specialist)

The Art curriculum at the AJA is based on the elements and principles of Art.

In 4nd grade the first Element of Art that we are learning is “Color”.

Color is the part of light that is reflected by the object we see. In two dimension we mix pigments to create new colors. Color is defined by hue and value.

Our first unit for this year is printing techniques.

In this project, I showed a power-point on Pop Art and Andy Warhol’s (1928-1987) famous prints.  We defined what popular culture was in his day and what it is now.  Students brainstormed a pop culture object that would best represent them and drew it on a sheet of small paper 4 1/2″ x 6″. Then they placed a Styrofoam printing plate under their pencil drawing and traced over it again so it would carve into the foam.  Once their drawing was transferred and carved deep enough, we began to print.  The students then picked 4 colored papers, and the students printed their mono-prints four times with black ink and brayers.  Students had a lot of fun with this one!

We have just started another method of printing called “Gelli printing”. Gelli Printing Plate looks and feels like gelatin. Mono-printing on a Gelli plate is simple and fun. The gratification is immediate, and the prints are too cool! We are also working on our portfolios in sharpies.