November 5th Grade Den Blog

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Hidalgo NOVEMBER Monthly ROAR 2017 

We have had a wonderful first trimester! The students rocked the house in our annual poetry slam and truly spoke from the heart! Make sure you check us out on the AJA Facebook page~ Additionally, some of you will be lucky to see the poets again during Portfolio Day and in our upcoming VIP day!

We are now diving into our chemistry unit, where the students will learn essential skills through cooking, using the scientific method and reading about the FUTURE OF FOOD to build meaning into  the science of the future. In the weeks ahead, we will be making homemade butter, pancakes, yogurt and a wide variety of molecular gastronomy creations where chemistry meets cooking.  We are planning a field trip in the weeks to come to a local farm to table restaurant and bubble-tea destination to see our learning come alive in the kitchen and see how local chefs use chemistry in a powerful way! Skills we will learn revolve around metric measurement, physical and chemical changes, states of matter as it relates to kinetic energy along with understanding the differences between elements, molecules, compounds and mixtures. The future of cooking is in our hands and in our classroom!

Students are currently reading an American Revolution novel of their choice for a book talk and will soon begin an amazing new novel called TOWERS FALLING, which couples perfectly with our 5th grade focus on the United States and the stories that have created OUR American narrative. Students will delve into complicated topics that deal with resilience, awareness and the power of courage and community!

In history, we will dive into American geography with a PBL unit called: THE AMAZING RACE! Students will learn about the American story, and the beauty we find across our country,  ranging from the landscape, to the resources, to the  people, cultures and beyond. Stay tuned to the student creations in the upcoming December BLOG.

Within our Everyday Math Curriculum, students have been working on manipulating fractions and understanding mathematics synonyms. The kids have enjoyed our free project time where they created children’s math stories, analyzed statistical relationships with school data and made Mandala boards for their classmates to enjoy.
Peace and Love in Learning,


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