November in First Grade

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Can you believe it’s nearly December?  The first trimester has flown by and we’ve been busy in first grade.  Portfolio Day is this Friday and we’re excited to share with you what we’ve been learning.  Beyond preparing for that, we enjoyed having you all visit for Story Time and hot cocoa.


Here’s a quick rundown of our recent studies by subject:

Science: We’ve been investigating sound and learning about longitudinal waves.  Our experiments have helped teach us about pitch, volume, vibration, echo, and absorption.

Math: We wrapped up Unit 3 and and moved on to Unit 4 where we’re learning to read and construct graphs from tally charts, complete frames and arrows diagrams by figuring out “what’s my rule”, learning to make doubles, and continuing to practice making combinations of ten.

ELAR: In addition to completing the writing process, we continue to work in our reading groups and are working on glued sounds and plural -s in phonics in addition to adding to our sight word vocabulary.

Social Studies: We completed a brief family interview about culture and special places in preparation for our upcoming world cultures studies.