Nutrition, Crista Ward

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We have been up to so many things in nutrition class. Learning about anatomy is important in understanding how your body uses different kinds of foods and for what purposes. Much of our body consists of bones and muscles, two elements that require specific nutritional elements to function properly, which led us back to our previous lessons on nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This opened up more discussion on balanced diets that consist of all of the things that our bodies need. In addition to learning what we do need, we also talked about things that we may get too much of, such as sugar. Students learned items that contain sugar naturally and that also provide healthful benefits for our bodies, as well as looked closer at sugar items that contain little or no healthful benefits. Something that was stressed, and has been in all of our previous lessons, is that most anything that fall in the category of little or no nutrition can still be enjoyed as long as other nutritional needs are met as well through other sources. In the final nutrition classes we will focus on reading nutritional labels, becoming aware of ingredients and exploring organic foods. In the kitchen we were extremely busy making granola, dark chocolate covered bananas, rice pudding and sushi to name a few things. As the year wraps up we will create a few more concoctions in the kitchen and compile all of our recipes into a recipe book that the kids can use at home to reflect on the year as well as make some of the creations for themselves and their families.