Nutrition, Mrs. Crista Ward

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I’m excited for this trimester because health class has begun for your students. In this class we will learn about food as it relates to our bodies, nutrition and overall health. In addition, there is a cooking element which allows us to explore first-hand how to cook and eat with an emphasis on nourishing our bodies to not only meet its requirements but to help us feel, look and be our best. So far this semester we have cooked winter vegetable soup, grasshopper dip and kale chips, all providing excellent benefits that support our bodies and minds. We have also learned about “My Plate,” the USDA’s updated version of the Food Pyramid which helps individuals actually see how their plate should be subdivided according to the different groups for optimal nutrition and provides a meaningful visual for portions. In addition, we have also looked deeper into digestion, including involved organs and their jobs as well as other interesting facts. In the coming weeks we will do more cooking as well as learning about more details concerning the food we eat such as the importance of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, reading labels, types of fats as well as daily recommended values for their age group and factors that can affect those values.