October Den Blog-Fifth Grade with Mrs. Hidalgo

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We are coming to the end of our first trimester and the fifth graders have been working hard!
Students have really seemed to enjoy our poetry unit so far. From analyzing books, to singing and understanding conscious hip-hop songs and spoken work poetry–kids have begun to broaden their understanding of the power of poetry through utilizing literature prompts and poetic devices. The kids love practicing their songs and are finishing up their drafts of their own original pieces. We look forward to seeing you all at the Slam! Ask your kids to share their experiences of our body art today, an activity to parallel their writing and analysis of the poem: A STUDENT NAMED ART. Enjoy the pictures on our Instagram page.
The students continue to learn that communication is critical within a group in order for collaboration to occur and ideas to be actualized.  We will continue our journey of engineering this upcoming week where students will be asked to design and create a prototype for a multi-functioning/waterproof backpack for people to use on the streets of Austin. This couples with our work with mobile loaves and fishes this week as well as will be the catalyst to a BackPack and Purse Drive during the winter holiday time.
In writing we are working on informational/expository writing which mixes perfectly with their Ideal Leader Project for US history. Using interviews from the community, along with research on the web, students are learning through research, how they could create THEIR ideal leader. They will use their research on a democratic republic, along with learning real issues facing Americans today like environmentalism, education, moral values and plans for future progress to create their ideal leader. The culmination of this project will be clay figurines that match this research, through creating Stop Motion Animation commercials that teach the audience about the themes of their research. Their will be a panel of AJA teachers to vote and the kids are excited and will be ready to share their creations at Portfolio Day. They will also be participating in the national kids voting experience on our actual election day sponsored by Scholastic Kids.
In mathematics we have been working on both multiplication and division strategies, increasing the students toolboxes for working on real world problems using various methods. In the upcoming weeks we will begin a rotational math-time system, working on student strengths, teaching skills, and diving into various math projects! Some include fractional fun in the kitchen and geometric backpack creations connected to our engineering unit.
It has been great working with your children and I look forward to meeting with you all next week in our first ever STUDENT LED CONFERENCES:)

Peace and Love in Learning, Karen