October humanities update

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Dear Families,

We are moving right on along in sixth grade humanities. Students have final project presentations this Friday, October 9. Please be sure that they align their final work with the project rubric. In short, they should have projects that highlight four areas of their two myths: the organization, character traits, values, and themes. The final writing project is due Tuesday, October 13.

Next, we are moving into our next book, The Arabian Nights. With this unit, we will explore the pre-Islamic Middle East as well as the rapid political changes that occurred under the Arabian tribes as they moved outward from the peninsula soon after the founding of Islam. We will cover only the basics of Islam, making room for a deeper study to occur in seventh grade. The new vocabulary is attached to this post. The assignment is due Monday, October 12. The quiz is Friday, October 16.

One piece of business is that students should have all their field trip forms in by the end of this week. Your child should bring them home today. They cannot attend the Nature’s Classroom trip without these pages. Please leave them with Robyn in the main office. We appreciate your help.

As usual, thank you for your cooperation and continued interest in the work of our course. Should you ever want to sit in on a class, you are always welcome; unannounced and without prior notice, please join us.

Chris Agüero
Vocabulary Lesson Two