Outstanding October

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Even with the many holidays, AJA second graders had a very productive October. Highlights from this month include our field trip to Austin Humane Society, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse play, our Community Presentation, and our fundraiser!

Upcoming Dates:

Nov. 7- Parent-teacher conferences, early dismissal

Nov. 23-25- Thanksgiving Break, no school


In reading, students focused on identifying the main idea of a story/paragraph/chapter. After reading, students were taught to form the main idea into one complete sentence. Students learned that identifying the main character and starting with his/her name made the sentence easier to form. Students will continue to refine this skill, as well as begin to identify supporting details. Students have also focused on genre identification. First, students determine if a book is fiction or nonfiction. Then, they determine the more specific genre. The class has worked a lot on identifying fantasy fiction vs. realistic fiction. Second graders have also continued to practice the important skills of identifying story elements and summarizing.  Great questions to ask when reading at home are: Who was the main character? What was the main idea? What genre is this book? How did you know? Can you retell this story telling the BME (beginning, middle, end)?

In writing, students transferred their knowledge of main idea in order to write a paragraph. Using a hamburger graphic organizer, students formed paragraphs that included a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. To tie in the overall theme of this month, students wrote about why they like the AJA community. Students will continue this important skill of paragraph writing throughout the year.


In math, students completed a unit on counting money. Second graders learned to identify coin names and values. They learned important coin counting skills such as starting with the most valuable coins first as well as how to use the least amount of coins possible. Students practiced different strategies for making change and even had a chance to visit  Ms. Frazee’s Store. At the store, students applied their coin-counting knowledge to purchase one toy from the treasure chest.  Another real-world practice was our fundraiser, during which students relied on their coin counting skills to sell their items and give change. Even Mrs. Brown noticed second grade’s spectacular coin counting skills! We all had so much fun! The class also learned about place value up to the hundred thousands. Second graders learned to write numbers in standard form, expanded notation, and word form. They also practiced properly pronouncing these big numbers! Important topics such as money are always reviewed, revisited, and expanded upon, so don’t be surprised if we have more store visits in the future! The class also worked on addition, subtraction, identifying patterns, and number stories.


AJA second graders also finished their big unit on communities. The students learned about the three main community types: urban, suburban and rural. They built their own communities out of recyclable material and explained them at our presentation. They also interviewed community members to learn about their roles in the community. At the fundraiser, students learned about tikkun olam and raised money for homeless animals. They raised over $550! This was a great way for the kids to practice using money in a real-life way! The class will be doing a short mini-unit on the election before moving on to our new science unit- WEATHER!!

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Thank you to all our Mystery Guests from the month of October!!!