Peep! Peep! Peep!

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What is that peeping sound coming from the incubator?! Announcing the arrival of our newly hatched baby chicks! There was great excitement, manifested by squeals of delight in the KG hall, as the children realized that overnight some baby chicks had hatched. They have been anxiously waiting for 21 days and even though not very many hatched, they are at least able to observe a few. Here are some highlights about the happenings in Kindergarten:

  • Our incubators arrived with the eggs for hatching
  • Caring for the eggs, through monitoring the temperature and humidity levels
  • Keeping an observation journal for the 21 day incubation period
  • Learning all kinds of interesting facts and characteristics about birds through non-fiction book study
  • Choosing one bird to study explicitly and begin their own non-fiction writing about their choice
  • Studying the life cycle of a chicken
  • Playing life cycle sequencing games
  • Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme activities, including two science experiments with eggs, and an art project
  • Beginning our author study on Mo Willems
  • Caring for our garden
  • Measurement, graphing, two dimensional and three dimensional shape activities in math, addition story problem, and growing train game
  • Two buddy activities with 4th grade doing large group games


Coming up:

  • Field trip to the Egg farm on April 20- leaving at 8:15 (we still need more drivers, please!)
  • Passover Break- April 22-May 2- no school
  • Portfolio Day- May 13- no regular school
  • Memorial Day- May 30- no school
  • End of year KG program for parents, Wednesday morning, June 1
  • Last day of school- half day, Thursday June2


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