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We have definitely been “busy bees” these last four weeks. It has been jam packed with learning and fun.

The photos are of our field trip to the horse stables, the Thanksgiving program, the Hanukkah party and play, Portfolio Day, the garden, and vermicomposting.

In learning about why horses were so important in our country long ago, we took a wonderful field trip to Switch Willow Stables so the girls could learn about horses. The girls were able to comb the horses, pet them, feed them the apples and carrots they had brought along, and watch them jump over hurdles in the arena.

As we moved into our learning about Thanksgiving, we began to prepare for our special program and the children worked extremely hard by learning their lines, practicing the songs, and preparing a lovely Thanksgiving lunch for their parents.

Our school wide Hanukkah party was full of fun centers, one of which was to learn about how oil is made and how it can be used in a menorah.

Hanukkah came right on the heels of Thanksgiving and we had to quickly turn around and start our practice for the Hanukkah play. The children particularly enjoyed painting their costumes for the candles. If they did not have a candle part, they helped someone who did. The play turned out beautifully and I think they were so pleased with their efforts.

As part of a school wide initiative to reduce and use food waste, the Kindergarteners have been faithfully disposing of food waste to contribute to the composting bins out by the science center. Mrs. Rosenmann, the middle school science teacher, spent time with the students showing them how the system works. Kindergarten has now just begun  vermicomposting, which is another way to compost using worms, by turning food waste into worm castings, which will be used later to enrich our garden space. The children have been adding food waste, leaves, and moisture to the tub which c0ntains the worms, and of course some, not all,  have been enjoying handling the worms.

During your child’s portfolio presentation, the children explained about our Mitzvah Bear project. I hope that you are giving your child many opportunities to earn money toward saving the fifteen dollars necessary to build a bear to donate to EMS for sick or injured children who have to ride in an ambulance. Our field trip to Build a Bear will be in the month of February.

As we continue our unit on Light, moving from the light of the Hanukkah candles to the natural light in our surroundings, we hope to take a field trip to the new Planetarium the third week in January. As soon as we get our date confirmed we will let you know.

We have had a wonderful first trimester of the school year and look forward to diving into learning again in the new year.