Positive Discipline Techniques Workshop

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Positive Discipline Techniques!

All parents know the moment, when a fun outing can turn into a whine fest, and their child dissolves into a royal tantrum, for all the world to see.  What’s this behavior trying to tell us?  There are significant developmental changes occurring in children who are 5-8 years old, and these changes open up a new level of options and discipline techniques for parents.  The techniques that parents use will have a life-long effect on their children.

Join us to discuss the many effective and positive techniques parents can use, without resorting to spanking or spoiling children.  This workshop offers positive techniques for parents to encourage curious, spirited and well-behaved children.


When:        Monday, April 2, 6:30-8:00 pm

Where:      Austin Jewish Academy Library

 Speaker:     Claire Flynn, M.Ed. – For Kids’ Sake

Claire is a child development, parenting and educational specialist with 35 years of experience.  She is also a parent and grandparent! She is founder of For Kids’ Sake, a private practice in parent education in Austin.

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