Random Acts of Kindness Week was Better Shared!

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Last week the 3rd Grade & their Kinder-buddies shared lots of warmth and good deeds. The students paired up with their buddies and we joined together to bake cookies for the J employees. Both classes worked together to prepare two batches of cookies, decorate bags and hand delivered them. The J community staff was very supportive and thankful. See some of the photos.

IMG_6799                            IMG_6796 IMG_6798IMG_6803IMG_6806


Then the warmth continued. On Friday, after Kabbalat Shabbat, 3rd grade went to tour the Kinder’s 100 collection museum and surprised them with KINDER – KINDNESS Capes which they had made for their little buddies! Later that afternoon, Mrs. Duncan’s busy bees surprised the 3rd grade with Trail Mix Bags. It was a wonderful week to share with our friends! We love our buddies!             Mrs. Duncan & Mrs. Novy

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