Reminders for AJA TK and KG

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Before the first day of school, here are some things to be aware of:

  • The children will need dairy lunches each day unless it is an early- release day
  • The boys will need to bring two kippot- one to be kept in a ziploc bag in their lunchbox each day and one to be left in Ms. Gurvitz’ classroom for the whole year: LABEL please
  • Please send a labeled water bottle each day or a reusable bottle  that can be rinsed out and kept at school until Friday because we do not have a water fountain in our classroom
  • Each day please send 2 small healthy snacks that do not need to be refrigerated (please no candy)
  • On PE days tennis shoes are required (Tues/Thurs)
  • Unless it is raining we go to the playground each day-please dress your child in appropriate play clothing
  • Please keep a labeled Ziploc bag with extra clothing in their back pack every day in case of spills or accidents
  • Your child will need a backpack that is large enough to carry a take home folder, a library book, and extra clothing; mini backpacks do not work well
  • Please keep all toys and distractible items at home; children do not like to have their precious items taken away if they become a distraction for the rest of the class
  • We have a short rest time each day; they will need something to rest on that can hang on a hook or be put in a bag that can hang outside the classroom-it will be sent home each Friday for washing
  • Please have a discussion about how you are going to handle the transition the first few weeks of school-it would be helpful if you could tell your child good bye in the hallway; if there are separation issues, it merely prolongs the difficulty when parents come into the classroom
  • School begins promptly at 8 a.m. with the pledge and Hatikva; please allow enough time to have them put away their belongings and be in the class ready to start by 8:00
  • Please meet us on the ECP side of the building (not the AJA lobby) for dismissal at 3:30 on M-TH and 3:00 on Fridays; please try to be on time to prevent anxiety in your child
  • Monday is the only day your child will bring home a transmittal folder with information or work from the previous week
  • If you have questions or concerns please email us at

 First day of school checklist:

  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Extra clothing in a plastic bag
  • Two Snacks and Dairy Lunch
  • Rest mat