All Roads Lead to Rome

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In 7th grade humanities, we have just completed our unit on Ancient Greece. Students learned 75 greek roots for vocabulary, read Ulysses in graphic novel format,  and wrote and acted in a prequel to Hanukkah focusing on the legacy of Alexander the Great. As a teacher, my favorite part of the unit has been reading and editing the writing assignment where students wrote their own Greek myths. They then created visuals such a book covers and comics to bring them to life. The twist on the myth was that the essential its theme was carried over from their current issue in our persuasive writing assignment. This created a challenge to write about the same topic in two distinctly different genres. For writing skills, we focused on developing our characters fully through simile and metaphor.


Now all roads lead to Rome.  In this unit, our special project will be “The Roman Society Debate,” where students are going to research and debate to the question: “Was Rome a good society?” Students have already had wonderings, “What does it mean to be good?” “What do your base that on: science, art, or conquest?”… and off we go! Debates will take place in about 2 weeks.

After this, our focus will turn to our writing assignment, which will be a short research paper where students can choose a specific topic of study within Ancient Rome and Early Christianity.  Throughout the year, we have been practicing incorporating textual evidence into our writing. Now will we focus on MLA guidelines and include formal citations.

We will continue our vocabulary unit with Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes.  Students have also been working in an online grammar program called Quill, which gives them personalized exercises in punctuation, sentence structure and proofreading.  Students will also continue in their book clubs. It’s so wonderful to see them excited to read! Always, if you have any questions, please just let me know.