Rosenmann 2017 Re-cap

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The middle school students continue to surprise and impress me with their creativity and perseverance. With only a couple days of school left this year, their accomplishments thus far are an encouraging reminder of the great things to come in 2018.

Rabbi B tests a cardboard chair during Eden’s portfolio presentation.

Community Workshop 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

No glue. No tape. Just cardboard, knives and genius.

Community workshop students designed full scale chairs that could hold the weight of an adult. No adhesives of any kind were allowed- students relied on their knowledge of the engineering design process, geometry and support structures to build their chairs.

This is one way to establish more leverage…
Careful measurements











At the outset of the project, students were introduced to the mountains of cardboard that had accumulated after the school supplies were unpacked in August. A discussion of resources and waste ensued!  We then generated concepts by researching ergonomic chair designs. Students sketched ideas, defended their designs in collaborative teams, and then decided on a final design.  After dimensioning multi-view sketches, they built prototypes from cereal boxes and tested their designs. Finally, students spent weeks constructing and testing their chairs before presenting the final product. Students worked tirelessly and should be congratulated- the end results were spectacular!

This chair holds hundreds of pounds!
This team celebrates success!
This team designed and built a very comfortable armchair.
Prototype design
Jackson where are you?
Why use an Exacto knife when you have a drill press?



































Now that the chair project is over, students have turned their attention to the Science and Innovation Center environment. Teams of students have adopted different projects aimed at improving, innovating and caring for our school environment. Projects range from designing and building a greenhouse  irrigation system to redesigning our food waste program.

Ava and Flash
Team Aquaponics
These students prepare the growing beds for the elementary classes.
7th grade worked hard to ready the greenhouse for planting and learning.
Team chickens!



























8th Grade Physical Science

This trimester, the students focused on how elements and molecules combine, as well as the structure of the atom and how that relates to the periodicity of elements. In addition to conducting many investigations to construct an understanding a chemistry concepts, they created short films with chemistry special effects. When we return in January, we will wrap up our chemistry unit, focusing on chemical reactions, and then turn our focus to physics.


Production crew hard at work.
Students discover ethylene!
Katie conducts flame tests to identify salts.











Design and Modeling 7th Grade

Students in Project Lead the Way: Design and Modeling are currently working on the puzzle cube project. In this unit students will:

  • Apply the design process to create a puzzle cube.

  • Apply a mathematical model to study a situation.

  • Design shapes in a coordinate system.

  • Transfer a two-dimensional representation to a three-dimensional solid model using technology.

  • Study basic geometric shapes and use combinations of objects to form more complex objects.

  • Create a solid model using a computer-aided design (CAD) application.

  • Fabricate and test their design solution.

  • Use a mathematical model to analyze test results.

This is an example of a puzzle cube prototype.











Automation and Robotics 8th grade

Students in PLTW: Automation and Robotics were introduced to several mechanisms that change speed, torque, force, type of movement, and direction of movement. After building the mechanisms and discovering how they are used, students were tasked with combining mechanisms and building either a pull toy or windmill.

The next project:

Imagine that the year is 2201. The Earth as we know it no longer exists. Through a catastrophic event the human race has nearly ceased to exist. A multi-discipline group has survived and needs to rebuild our civilization using only recycled materials that can be scavenged from the existing environment.

In this challenge you are an engineer on a team that will create mechanical systems to help rebuild our civilization.

Eddie begins construction on a windmill.
Precision and concentration!
Last minute adjustments on a pull toy




















Passion Project 8th grade

Students in passion project spent the first trimester brainstorming, planning, and researching to refine and develop their project ideas. The projects cover a wide range of topics, including marine biology, sign language, cooking, video game creation, dance, and mural art to name a few.

Noah participates as an expert panelist on coral restoration.
Liora meets with her mentor, Mrs. Sananes.



6th Grade Math

Students in 6th grade math recently completed Unit 4: Number Theory and Fractions and have moved on to Unit 5: Fraction Operation. This group works each day to build number sense and develop stronger problem solving with an amazing, can-do attitude.



The National Junior Honor Society worked tirelessly this trimester to reestablish the waste systems at our school through education and implementation. They also spent countless hours planning the fall greenhouse fundraiser, the 2nd Annual Bingo Blowout! Thank you to all who participated and gave generously. We raised over $1000 for greenhouse supplies!

Next year will bring a whole new set of goals and challenges for this inspiring group of students.

NJHS students volunteer to serve at the Senior Hanukkah party.
Waitrons are ready!
Lots of latkes to make!
We are ready to Bingo!
Everyone loves bingo!
Ilan was a big winner!