Rosh Hashana

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This year we are using the NETA program, which we have used in previous years. NETA is a cutting edge Hebrew language program, which cultivates all aspects of Hebrew language learning – grammar and content, conversations and literature, poetry and factual information, drills and exercises and topics for lively discussion, songs and moral dilemmas, writing assignments and independent reading, current events and Biblical texts. The program offers materials for all Hebrew levels, from beginners to advanced. As students speak, read, write, and listen to spoken Hebrew, they encounter new viewpoints on daily life in Israel, Jewish tradition and history, and general world knowledge.

The class is conducted in two groups. The first group is using the Intermediate level NETA book: Bishvil Haivrit 4. We have just finished leaning about books, their history and comparing traditional books to online books. The students have had a weekly quiz on the new vocabulary words they have studied that week. This week we have started learning about sleep and dreams.

The second group is using the advanced Bishvil Haivrit 5, and NETA book 21. The expectation from the more advanced students is to read Hebrew books as part of their daily routine. They will have to write book reports all through the year. Some of the students in our group are not eight graders, we have Roy and Daphna who are six graders, and have joined our advanced group. This group is studying about freedom.

These last two weeks we spent a few days in the art room and created paper-mache pomegranates. Lots of fun!!!

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