Second Grade Final Blog Post

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spring roll
Noa Levy and Sally Hensley teach the class how to make spring rolls.

The bittersweet ending to the school year is here and soon my second graders will become third graders! From field trips, to plays, to projects, and more, second graders had a busy year of learning. The second graders’ reflections of their favorite second grade activity are posted in the hallway. Feel free to stop by and read them. Below you will find a summary of what second grade has been learning  the past few weeks:

In reading, higher-level reading skills and questioning  were emphasized. Second graders learned to make inferences (a guess made while reading using prior knowledge and context clues), create their own questions, read for information, and answer by writing complete sentences.  In small groups, students read various texts within the nonfiction genre. Students practiced finding facts, identifying facts vs. opinions, and summarizing facts in their own words. They practiced various strategies such as rereading, using captions, finding bold or italics, etc. in order to find answers to comprehension questions. Second graders took turns being “discussion leaders,” and led various conversations regarding nonfiction books. The class also reviewed the skills they have learned throughout the year such as comparing/contrasting, summarizing, identifying the main idea/supporting details, and identifying story elements. Reading nonfiction texts over the summer is a great way to prepare for third grade. As your child continues their educational journey, they will be reading more for information. Keep reading over the Summer!!!

The main focus in math was geometry. Students learned about various shapes and three-sided figures such as cubes, spheres, pyramids, and more! The class learned the difference between a two dimensional shape (flat) and a three dimensional shape. They learned to identify polygons, as well as to count their sides, vertices (corners), and edges. Second graders enjoyed using the three dimensional shapes to count the sides, vertices, and edges. They also were able to identify various objects in the real world that had the same (or similar) geometric shapes. For example, a globe is a sphere and a tissue box is a rectangular prism. This was a really fun unit with lots of opportunity to explore! As always, reviewing was an important part of math during the past few weeks. In order to review the important second grade skill of two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, students learned the new skill of using addition to check subtraction. After reviewing the steps for addition and subtraction regrouping they learned to check subtraction using addition. The second graders also reviewed measurement and basic addition/subtraction facts.

Students were excited to receive their published fairytale books. They practiced the important second grade skills of reading with fluency and expression in order to be prepared to read them on Portfolio Day. In writing, students learned about reflection writing. After reflecting on all of their favorite memories from second grade, each child chose his/her favorite memory to reflect on and write about. These compositions are on display in the hallway and will be sent home before the year ends. In language arts, students have been studying many word patterns to help with spelling. Specificially , students learned to add –ed and –ing endings to base words. They also learned to change the y to an i and add es or ed. Students also practiced adding commas in a series and after transition words. Parts of speech (verbs, nouns, adjectives) were reviewed and a final test was given over this topic.

In social studies, we started and completed a mini-unit on map reading. Students learned what a map is and how/why it is used. Students practiced basic map reading skills by learning to use a map key and identifying the cardinal directions. They learned to find north, south, east, and west on a map. They also learned northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. Students practiced using basic maps, state, country, and world maps. They also learned a song that names all continents and oceans. In science, second grade began a new unit on simple machines. So far, the children have learned the basic simple machines: lever, pulley, wedge, wheel, inclined plane, screw. They built catapults and used them to shoot marshmallows (so fun). They also went onto the playground where they used various tools and materials  to experiment and explore real-life simple machines (see the photos below).


cata1 cata2 cata3 cata4 cata5 cata6 cata7 sm1 sm2 sm3 sm4 sm5 sm7 sm8 sm9

The class has also continued their unit on nutrition. Below you will see photos of the class making ant logs (celery, peanut butter, raisins). Parents Noa Levy and Sally Hensley also came in to teach the class to make spring rolls. They were absolutely delicious! Thank you, parents, for all of your support on this unit. I have enjoyed seeing the photos and emails you have sent of your children making healthy eating choices!

ant1 ant2 ant3 ant4

Thanks for a great year! I have really enjoyed watching your children learn and grow!!!