Second Grade Hebrew Blog-January.

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It was good to come back to school and get back on track with our Hebrew learning in Second grade!

I was glad to see that the students have kept their Hebrew skills polished throughout the break and in some cases even caught up! Way to go!

In our Ariot Unit, we completed the letters SAMECH and AYIN and started PEY and FEY in the last Ariot book! We are doing a lot of Hebrew reading practice and I am happy to see greater confidence and progress made in this area.

In our TOV BAKITA unit, we completed a unit on “What we do with friends,” a unit that contains many relevant verbs and their conjugations. We worked on creating more complex and descriptive sentences, as well as our Hebrew cursive writing. Everyone really enjoyed the hands on project and is excited to see the finished results soon!

We are also finishing up a unit on classroom nouns-“What we use to learn…”

Some of our overarching words are learning verbs, which we will be using throughout the year.  We read 2 new library books- together and indendently, in addition to all our other reading activities. The students created their own Hebrew picture dictionary and really enjoyed making their own word riddles, based on one of our story books.

We also broke out the PLAYDOUGH (secret weapon-learning tool. J) to fill in some gaps and reinforce some basic skills and spelling.

I enjoyed seeing the “micography” word art, your children created using their last names. This was to encourage them to practice and remember the correct spelling of their last names in Hebrew.

Lastly, we are continuing to slowly introduce past tense conjugations, further our Hebrew comprehension and practice our Hebrew speaking skills.

Please continue to have your children practice on Ariotcal.

It has been a pleasure teaching your children, as always!

Kol Tuv, All the Best,

Morah Yonit