Second Grade in January

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Upcoming Events:

Feb. 8- Field Trip to LBJ Library

Feb. 16- President and First Lady costumes due

Feb. 17- Presidents’ Play at 2:00 pm

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After the break, second grade hit the ground running and started several new units. Below you will find a summary of what we started learning about during the beginning of January.

In reading, students began to learn the valuable skill of reading for information. Strategies such as rereading, using headings as a guide, looking back at pictures, and summarizing were emphasized. Second graders also learned about cause and effect. They learned to identify causes and their effects within a story and have begun to chart these in their reader’s response journals. As always, fluency and comprehension continue to be practiced along with several other skills such as making connections, identifying the main idea, and identifying the elements of a story. Students are working on expanding their summarization skills by taking their three sentence summaries to five sentences. They now tell a BMMME, which stands for the beginning, 3 important events from the middle, and the end. This is a great technique to have your child practice at home as well!

In math, students learned all about fractions. They learned that a fraction is a part of a whole, how to identify the fraction of a shaded shape, and how to find the fraction of a set. After learning the basics of fractions, second graders expanded their knowledge to finding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. The class also learned to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. A great way to add real-life learning at home would be to point out any time that you are using fractions, such as while cooking. Coming up next in math, second grade will learn to create their own survey and graph. They will learn about various types of graphs, with an emphasis on bar graphs.

In language arts, students learned about possessive and plural possessive nouns. They learned to add ‘s to a noun to show ownership and to use s’ to show plural possession. This will be something the class continues to work on throughout the year. A great way to help your child is to point out possessive nouns whenever you see them, especially while reading.

In creative writing, students were introduced to the skill of persuasive writing. Students learned that to persuade means to convince. Currently, they are writing a persuasive letter in paragraph format. After learning about being persuasive, students thought of who to write to, what they were trying to persuade them to do, and lastly, what things would convince that particular person. This writing assignment will showcase two important skills that the second graders have learned this year: writing a friendly letter in proper format and writing a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion.

Social studies has been exciting for the class, as they began their unit on U.S. Presidents. To introduce this new unit, I dressed up as “the ghost of George Washington” and Ms. Yamin dressed as “the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.” She and I then had a debate on which president was more famous. This really got the class enthusiastic about the topic, as they found their teachers dressing as presidents to be quite hilarious! Second graders then studied Washington and Lincoln along with other presidents. After a brief introduction to the presidents, students selected which president (or first lady) he/she would like to be in the upcoming play. Along with presidents, students will also learn about patriotic symbols, patriotic songs, and some U.S. history. I look forward to seeing everyone at the play on February 17th!