Second Grade J.S. Blog - November

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Righteous man! Ark! Flood! Animals! What do all these things have in common? They’re all a part of the story of Noah, which is exactly what we’re learning about in Jewish studies class. We’ve started our study of Noah, and your children are so excited to learn more about him and his story. Looking forward, we will be doing some journal-writing, but from the perspective of one of the animals on the ark, who will help tell the story of the flood. Get ready for some animal sock-puppets to assist with the story telling! We’ve also been working hard at learning vocabulary words that appear over and over again, such as ark (teyvah), flood (mabul), and animal (chaya).


Looking ahead, we will also be integrating with the general studies unit on weather by charting the weather patterns in major cities in Israel, which will bring an awareness of the locations of these cities on the map of Israel as well as a little bit about what the cities are like. Many of them will notice that Austin has a pretty similar weather pattern to Israel at this time of year!
We are also continuing to practice and learn Tefillah; I am excited to announce that part of buddy time with 6th grade will officially be “Tefillah tutor” time, so that our 2nd graders get more individual attention! We will be focusing on the Morning Blessings in Hebrew and being able to say the V’ahavta prayer independently.