Second Grade Jewish Studies

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Second Grade Jewish Studies has been off to such a great start already! We have been practicing routines and procedures, and getting to know each other in the process.

As part of our Rosh Hashanah unit, we spent a long time learning all about the Shofar – it’s origins, process, sounds, and meanings. We shared what we will think about when we hear the shofar blown this year, and we cheered each other on as everyone got to take a turn practicing their skills at blowing the shofar.

We have also just introduced a project which will integrate the “communities” learning happening in the General Studies classroom. Just as Second Grade students will be creating their own urban, suburban, or rural communities, Second Grade students will also be creating their own unique community which only exists in Israel – a Kibbutz! Each group of students will be working together to create their own Kibbutz community, deciding what their “specialty” will be, and which community spaces are important to their Kibbutz. I look forward to seeing the communities which your children create!

Moving forward, we will of course continue working on our Kibbutz community project but we will also learn all about Sukkot, especially the “Arbah Minim” – the Four Species – also know as the Lulav and Etrog. Additionally, we will begin our unit on Noah and the Ark soon!! I am having so much fun learning with your students already, and I cannot wait for the fun to continue!