Second Grade Judaic Studies

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Second grade has been doing some really exciting learning in Judaics class! The past few weeks, we explored the Shofar – what does it look like, feel like, sound like, even smell like!! Everyone got a chance to practice blowing the shofar, and many Second Graders are already fabulous at it! We talked about the different types of sounds a shofar makes and what we should think about when we hear these different types of sounds.

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Another exciting project that second graders are working on is an integration piece with what they are learning in general studies about “communities;” in Judaics we are exploring the Kibbutz as another type of community that exists in Israel. We talked a lot about how a Kibbutz is unique because everyone shares and does things together; even activities such as eating and raising children (normally done as a family) are done communally by the “Kibbutz-niks.” The class has been divided into groups to work on building various aspects of the Kibbutz – some are doing agriculture, some are doing large community spaces, and others are doing houses, the infirmary, office, etc. We look forward to presenting our Kibbutz along with the Communities project presentation on Friday, Oct 24th.


Another integration piece we are doing is for Tikkun Olam – our Kibbutz will be manufacturing “upcycled” objects to sell at school, with the money being donated to Austin Pets Alive when they go for their field trip on October 14th.