Second Grade Judaics

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Shalom Second Grade Families,

Second grade has been very busy in Judaics!!! For the past few weeks, we have been learning and reviewing the brachot (blessings) over food that we say before eating them. If you attended the “Hebrew Breakfast” last week with Moreh Hazan’s class, you got to see their knowledge in action. We had fun figuring out which bracha to say over more “complicated” foods, and learning all of the “exceptions” to the rules – like why we consider bananas to grow from the ground instead of a tree!! I have been so impressed with their knowledge and critical thinking skills to try to figure out a challenge!

We have also been learning more about Israeli geography, as well as the Hebrew language. We explored the challenges of all speaking a different language, and why Modern Hebrew was desperately needed to unite the people who immigrated (from several different places) to Palestine before Israel became a nation. We learned about Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and experienced the challenge of creating new words – he created over 300 new words in his lifetime!! This will segue nicely into our next unit, which is….

Migdal Bavel, or the Tower of Babel! The people living on earth all spoke the same language, and because they all understood each other, they were conspiring together to build a tower to try to reach God. This will also integrate nicely with the “Simple Machines” unit that they are learning in General Studies!! We will be focusing on the building aspect, but we will also be talking about how to use our words effectively, good/positive/building up words vs negative/tearing down words, and how we can carefully guard our words to make sure we are creating a positive community.

I am so excited to keep learning with 2nd Grade!!!