Second Grade Judaics

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Second grade has been so busy in Judaics!!! One of our weekly routines has been to chart the weather in Israel each week – It has been fun to compare the weather in some of Israel’s major cities to the weather in Austin, and notice what is the same or different. We have noticed that it is mostly rainy there, and we talked about how important winter rains are to Israel’s ecology. This is a great way to reinforce what the students are learning in General Studies about the weather, and to foster a unique connection to Israel!


We have also been hard at work learning the story of Noah’s Ark. The students are becoming very diligent readers of Torah and are mastering the vocabulary of the story. They are also doing a great job of learning Torah in chevruta – learning partners – and working together to understand the stories. They are nearly finished with their puppet-animal’s “diary” of his/her time on the ark, and it has been so fun to explore this story through the eyes of an animal on board!! They are so creative, and I love how careful and detailed they are with this project. Noah’s Ark also lends itself to integration with their weather unit – we have talked about rain, water evaporation, and rainbows all within this one Judaics story!


For Hanukkah, we reviewed the basics of the story, and focused on the theme of being like a Maccabee – someone who is brave and courageous, and stands up for others. They thought of times when they were like a Maccabee, and also when they noticed others acting like a Maccabee. We also practiced reciting the blessings for lighting the Hanukkiah, and which direction we place the candles in and light them.

Happy Hanukkah to 2nd grade families!!