Second Grade: Slavery to Freedom

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Second grade has been busy learning all about PASSOVER! Our theme in Second grade is “From Slavery to Freedom.” We learned the song “Avadim Hayinu” (We were slaves) which is part of the Haggadah, and some students wrote acrostic poems themed around “slavery” and “freedom.” Students also thought about ways in which they feel “enslaved” today – many of them said they feel like slaves to technology and homework! We wrote these answers down on paper chains and then broke our “bonds of slavery” together – they may not be free from homework, but hopefully they don’t feel chained to technology anymore!!

They also practiced what it was like to be a slave (cleaning our classroom) and then to experience freedom – free time on chromebooks. I learned than many of your children think cleaning is fun, so put them to work with Clorox wipes at home! However, they did agree that 12 hours a day, 7 days a week of cleaning isn’t as much fun as the 5 minutes we did when they were with friends. Many of them said that after they were slaves, they appreciated their freedom much more.

This week and next, we will be continuing a creative writing project where they are telling the story of “How the ____________ Became Free” – the ________________ being a Passover food or object such as the Afikomen or the maror. I can’t wait for your student to read their story at your seder, I’m sure it will be entertaining for everyone!

Chag Kasher V’Sameach!