Second Grade's November News

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Portfolio Day- Dec. 2

Winter Break- Dec. 17-Jan. 3 (classes resume Jan. 4)

Second graders had a fun month of learning in November! Read on to find out what AJA 2nd graders have been working on!

In reading, students continue to strengthen their fluency and comprehension skills through guided reading, independent reading, peer practice, and learning centers. They read fun poems several times to strengthen fluency and expression skills. The class began literature circles, in which each group member has a different role and leads a discussion. Each child chose from summarizer, discussion leader, real life connector, and word wizard. All students will have the opportunity to try each role. The class has focused a lot on identifying the main idea and supporting details in a story. Students worked hard to refine their skills by identifying the main idea in short stories, passages, chapter books, and paragraphs.  Second grade students also learned to compare and contrast within a story. Using Venn diagrams, they compared and contrasted characters, stories, and more. The class will continue to use these important reading skills throughout the school year. Below you will see second graders with their fourth grade buddies participating in their “flashlight reading,” activity.

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Second grade has studied a wide variety of topics in math. Students were introduced to two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. After learning the steps, students practiced in a variety of ways including story problems, practice sheets, and many fun games. The class seems to really enjoy these more challenging problems! As an extra challenge, students tried three digit regrouping problems as well. The class also practiced telling time on an analog and digital clock. Students learned to tell time to the nearest minute and to calculate elapsed time. They learned to use phrases such as “half past, quarter past, and quarter til,” and worked with elapsed time word problems. Both place value and counting coins was reviewed this month. As always in math, important topics are reviewed throughout the year.

In writing, students continue to follow the writing process in a writing workshop format. They are able to gather their thoughts during prewriting, compose a rough draft, self-edit, peer-edit, teacher conference, and then write a final copy. The children reviewed how to write a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. Second graders learned how to write a good story using the story formula. Students were encouraged to write a story with an inviting lead sentence, descriptive words that set the scene, interesting conflict, and a satisfying solution. By following this formula, students were able to take creative ideas and refine them into a well-written story.

In language arts, students learned and reviewed the basic parts of speech. Students reviewed common, proper, singular, and plural nouns. They also learned that an adjective describes a noun and that an action verb tells an action. Students reviewed all parts of speech and should now be able to identify all three.

Second graders are currently learning about the weather in science class. After receiving a brief introduction to weather, they learned about the main types of clouds: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and cumulonimbus. They have also read about the many other various types of clouds and have gone on “cloud walks” in order to identify them in the real world. Recently, they started learning about the water cycle. They have learned key vocabulary terms such as precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. The students can identify the four types of precipitation: rain, snow, sleet, and hail. We will continue this unit through December during which the class will discuss weather tools, forecasting, and severe weather.