September Report from Ms. Faris' 1st Grade:

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First graders are showing tremendous growth in taking responsibility for their daily folders and homework and are building endurance for their productive struggles in the classroom.  Learning is made meaningful when we create connections to prior knowledge and experiences.  I encourage you to take note when your child “notices” a word we’ve studied in print or shares their thoughts or ideas on a subject.  We’re growing and learning each day.  The following are some highlights of our studies in September:

Science: We began by asking ‘What is a scientist?’ and now we’re learning how to formulate good science questions with a focus on “why”, “what”, and “how” questions.  In a tie-in with Social Studies, we’ve created a timeline of Marie Curie’s life and scientific contributions. Next, we’ll begin learning about the scientific method and then move on to our studies of light and sound waves.

Social Studies: In addition to creating timelines of our lives and the lives of historically important scientists, we are continuing to build our classroom community and strengthen our accountability to one another.  We are learning some basic mapping strategies as well before we move into our cultural studies.

ELAR: We began our third unit in Fundations® and are learning about digraphs (“2 letters that go together to make 1 sound”) and are practicing spelling words with digraphs at the beginning and end of words.  We are writing in our journals and are about to undertake our storybook creation project.   We are reading in groups and with partners and are learning to analyze what we read to determine the elements of a story and are learning how to present this information in a simple book report.

Math: In Everyday Math®, we are building number sense, using the number grid and number line to solve problems, learning to circle important information in word problems to help us set up equations, practicing dice addition, and honing our skip counting skills.

Here are some pictures from our classroom this past month: