Seventh Grade J.S. Blog - November

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“Long live the king!!” Seventh graders are about to meet the very first king of the Israelites. We have looked at several models of leadership – judges, priests, prophets, etc – and they have all failed. Now, it is time for a king. God has chosen Saul, and the only thing we know about him is that he is young, tall and good. The students have excitedly planned a coronation for the first monarch of Israel, but will it happen? Will the speeches get read, the ceremony go as planned, and the feast get eaten? Will Saul be the right leader for the people, and will God’s choice of Saul be a good one? We will see!


In addition, with the start of a new trimester, we are ready to start a new round of “Pirkei Avot” presentations. The first trimester presentations were amazing, and I can’t wait to hear even more insights in the upcoming weeks!