Seventh Grade Jewish Studies

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Seventh Grade is already deep into our learning for the year, after only a few weeks! We have spent time reviewing proper “chevruta” (learning partner) protocols, and we have already covered three chapters of the story of Samson! We have been reading the story carefully, with an eye towards the special promise that Samson made and the ways in which he keeps/breaks this promise – and the support of God throughout – and your students have constantly been impressing me with their deep and thoughtful answers. After we conclude the story of Samson, we will move into the narrative of Samuel, Saul, and eventually David.

Students have also been presenting selections from Pirke Avot (“Ethics of the Fathers” or advice from rabbis), and I am inspired by the ways in which they are connecting to this ancient text and finding relevance for the words of the rabbis in the modern world. Way to go, Seventh Grade! I look forward to hearing from all the students this year, and to learning so much Torah with them!

We also took a moment to connect to the Syrian refugee crisis, as it (unfortunately) connects with the story of the M.S. St. Louis which was the focus of our JCAT trial last year. Many students spoke eloquently and passionately about how important it is to learn from history. Later that day, we had the opportunity to do a mitzvah by helping elderly volunteers switch out the year-round siddurim in exchange for special High Holiday Machzorim at ond of the synagogues on campus. The enthusiasm from your kids about doing a mitzvah was so refreshing!!!