Sixth Grade J.S. Den Blog - November

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Sixth grade is really enjoying JCAT (Jewish Court of All Time), and 3 of our own students were nominated to be justices who get to vote on the trial!! They still need to receive “votes of confidence” from their peers, but I’m sure they will all get a chance to cast a vote in the real trial. Those who are not “justices” will still get a say, don’t worry! On Thursday, we will also have a discussion about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris; there was a discussion thread on the trial website, where it was decided the trial will continue, but I want to make sure the issue is addressed in class. It’s a great opportunity to talk not only about the values we hold today, but about the values that others have held throughout history.


Additionally, we have started an in-depth Tanakh navigation unit. We first started with a breakdown of the three sections of Tanakh (Torah, Neviim – prophets, and Ketuvim – writings) and we are focusing on the Torah part for now, but will learn more about each section as the year progresses. We will be having a quiz on the names of the five books of Torah (Hebrew and English), and we will continue to learn the various books of Tanakh and what they are about throughout the year, as well as practicing finding them in a Tanakh.


Sixth grade has also been practicing Tefillah (prayer) skills; many of them have stepped up to lead services on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and we have been practicing leadership skills as well as correct pronunciation and tune for various prayers. We have also started learning parts of Hallel – the festive service for holidays and Rosh CHodesh, the new month. They’re naturals at it!!